Denny's EP

by Surf Dads

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Two bros being Dads.


released April 12, 2015

Gage McGuire - Guitars/Bass/Vocals
Chris Dimas - Drums

Engineered/Mixed by Chris Dimas
Mastered by Errol West
Recorded at Grind Central Station
Featuring: Mattea Columpsi on "The Coast"

Thank you to Nolan Grad for taking the album cover photo at Denny's.

Thank you to Luke Trithart and Jae Won Hur for yelling on Muscle Beach and helping out in general.

Thank you to George and Julie for putting up with us jamming and recording.

Big ups to live band members Brett Wyatt, Nolan Grad and Jesse Wyllychuk.



all rights reserved


Surf Dads regina, Saskatchewan

FFO: Metallica

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Track Name: Get Away
I need to get away
As far away from here.
One thousand miles
Wouldn't be enough
Because I never want to see your face.
Leaving-- never coming back.
Track Name: California Dream
Take me back to LA
I'm stuck in a California Dream
Running 'round Hollywood & Venice Beach
I know that this is where I wanna be

With the sand at my feet
And the sun shining down on me
I know I never want to leave this place
I want to make LA my fucking grave

I don't know
Why I'm not there
Gonna pack my bags
No thought or care

In the morning I will head out
Leaving south
I won't ever turn around
I won't leave this place
No more cold or snow
The sun it awaits
I won't turn back
I won't ever go away
Track Name: Muscle Beach
I am heading to the beach
But not for what you may think
I left my swim-trunks in the car
All I need is a fucking barbell to...


I won't need no spot today
I've got my creatine
I've got my whey
Let's push some reps
Do lot of sets
Arms and chest
Fuck the rest
Track Name: The Coast (ft. Mattea Columpsi)
This place is better without you in sight
As long as you're gone it feels alright

I don't think it's right for you to come and twist my world around
I don't think it's right for you to spin me upside down

Why don't you stay where you love it most
Out on the coast
I'll be here in my prairie town
And I don't want you around

You can go home
You can go to hell
But you can't stay here.