A Nice Boy - EP

by Surf Dads

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The day before Chris went back to LA we looked at each other and said, "Hey, do you want to make another EP?"

A Nice Boy was written and recorded in 9 hours. Enjoy.


released July 9, 2015

Gage McGuire - Guitars/Bass/Vocals
Chris Dimas - Drums

Engineered/Mixed by Chris Dimas
Recorded at Grind Central Station



all rights reserved


Surf Dads regina, Saskatchewan

FFO: Metallica

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Track Name: Halifax Street
Laying on the floor
I wonder if I made a mistake
By coming back
Leaving paradise behind
I close my eyes
Left alone with my mind.
Close another door
What am I good for?
Close an open door
What am I good for?
My life has spiralled down
And I can't seem to pick myself up off the ground
Broke and beaten
Now, I see
What comes to those who get what they deserve
I don't want this whole life to go to waste
I can't watch it burn.
Track Name: Beach Dreams
In my dreams
It's you and me
And we're at the beach
Hand in hand
We walk along
The sandy shores
Inside of my head
It's you and I til the end
Inside of my head
My love, I send.
As we make our way along
I think of all the times
You came along, picked me up
You made me right.

I don't want to lose you now
I can't imagine that
You are the only thing to me
And I won't let that go.
I don't want to lose control
Of what we have right now
You are the only thing to me
And I won't let that go.
Track Name: Sleepless Tonight
No hope for me
I know I'll be alone when I go
No hope for me
They say "You're wild and free,
But so alone.. you'll always be all alone."
But there's times where
For the night -- tonight -- I'm fine.
Say what you want to say
It won't matter anyway
It won't change the way it is
All the fights and sleepless nights
I didn't see it becoming like this
All I want is one last kiss.

You should have more than I can give.
Track Name: Nothing To Offer
All this time I've tried so hard
To be good and do no harm
All these days have been for naught
All my effort has been forgot

Knock me to the ground
I won't even make a sound
Make me disappear
I won't shed a single tear
As long as I'm getting out of here

I have nothing to offer
So I guess that I'll just keep it all
Too many things to break
Even with my back against the wall.