Summer Vacation - EP

by Surf Dads

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Written and Recorded in 3 days in Regina, SK.
All Songs written by Surf Dads at Grind Central Station
Thanks to Dagan Harding for singing on Thailand.
Thanks to Evan Morhart for helping on vocals on The Way She Does.
Thanks to Jesse Wyllychuk, Brett Wyatt & Nolan Grad for touring with us.
Cover Art by our hero Mike Dawson.


released July 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Surf Dads regina, Saskatchewan

FFO: Metallica

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Track Name: Found Yourself In Thailand
She said this places brings me down
Once school is done I won't be around
I'll catch a plane out of this place
With a bag on my back I won't leave a trace

I said that sounds like lots of fun
I meant you sound like everyone

She thought she'd find herself spiritually
But what she got is no mystery
Now she roams the streets looking for a bump
And asks me "hey can I have 20 bucks?"

She's got a bottle for the night
It's all that makes her feel right

Did you find yourself in Thailand?
Track Name: Holding Back
I'm holding you but I'm holding back
Looking at you in the palm of my hand
I'm holding back
See your eyes from across the room
Everyone knows it's me and you
But I'm holding back
And I don't know why anymore

Of all the people under the sun
How am the only one?

Spill my drink as I walk to you
Slur my speech as I talk to you
Why can't I just seem to be exactly what we would need
Track Name: Yesterday's Clothes
Would you like to sit next to me
Take some time to get to know me
I promise that I'm really not that bad
Maybe just a bit hard to understand

I'm in yesterday's clothes hoping no one knows
I am beat and worn and I know it shows
Have you heard from me?
Just a couple words to read
Have you heard of me?
A distant memory

Hey, whatcha doing that for?
Can you do it some more?
Track Name: The Way She Does
At night it's like we can't be apart
At least not easily
Tonight we'll set it free
And be what we need to be

The way she does
It's what I love

Stay for me
You know we can't be apart
At least not easily
Help me now when I'm not myself
See me through like you always do

You can hold my hand if you like.